Friday, December 21, 2007

Avandia Heart Attack Lawyer | Avandia Heart Attack Attorney

Your Avandia heart attack lawyer advises that popular diabetes drug Avandia has an association of increased risk of heart attack in its users. You may be due compensation if you had a heart attack while on Avandia and you should contact your Avandia heart attack attorney immediately to pursue this compensation. Your Avandia heart attack lawyer will help you discern your legal rights and maintain compensation for your Avandia heart attack. It is imperative that you contact your Avandia heart attack lawyer immediately because without an Avandia heart attack attorney, you may be unable to pursue compensation for your Avandia heart attack.

A new study shows that diabetes drug Avandia increases risk of heart attack and death due to heart disease. Avandia manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline says the study is flawed and that better data -- some already submitted to the FDA, some from an ongoing clinical trial -- show Avandia does not have a significant risk to patients' heart health.

The FDA states that based upon this "contradictory evidence about the risks in patients treated with Avandia," patients taking Avandia -- especially those who have had heart attacks or who have underlying heart disease -- should talk with their physicians about whether to continue taking Avandia. The new warning comes from an analysis of short-term clinical studies comparing Avandia to other diabetes drugs. It shows that Avandia increases heart attack risk by 43% -- and increases risk of death from heart disease by 64%.

Avandia Heart Attack Attorney