Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reglan Side Effects Lawsuit | Metoclopramide Attorney | Tardive Dyskinesia Lawyer

Reglan and other metoclopramide drugs cause tardive dyskinesia, a serious and often irreversible movement disorder. A Reglan lawsuit with a metoclopramide tardive dyskinesia lawyer could lead to a lawsuit settlement or verdict. A reglan attorney knows tardive dyskinesia cases can lead to recovery from metoclopramide manufacturers because of the recent FDA warning of tardive dyskinesia from long term reglan or metoclopramide use. A reglan lawsuit is the only way for one who suffers from reglan metoclopramide tardive dyskinesia to obtain compensation.

Tardive Dyskinesia (TD)is a devastating and sometimes lifelong syndrome for those diagnosed. It affects its victims physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and vocationally.

One of the worst aspects of TD for many victims is the fact that they should have never developed the syndrome in the first place.

We are committed to helping victims of TD. To our knowledge, we are one of the only law firms in the country actively handling these types of cases. Many lawyers are reluctant to undertake the representation of victims of this disorder due to their lack of knowledge in this highly specialized field of litigation.

The manufacturers of Reglan and its generic metoclopramide mention the link between the development of TD and the drug on its labeling, however they suggest the incidence rarely occurs.

It is important to understand that the Food & Drug Administration has only approved Reglan for short-term use (4 to 12 weeks) and only when conservative treatment fails.

Safety experts from the Duke University School of Medicine, publishing in the November/December 2004 Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, caution that the use of Reglan is increasing and that this fact may result in more cases of drug-induced movement disorders from the medication.

Long-term use can cause serious Reglan side effects, including TD.